Attorney Ingalls provides aggressive legal representation throughout the unemployment process; from requesting records to tailoring the best legal arguments available, to assist you in protecting your rights and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. 

We speak with unemployed claimants on a regular basis that believe their case is so good, it will be obvious to the Appeals Referee that they have a right to compensation. Often, these claimants are surprised to discover how seriously employers take these hearings. Employers stand to save thousands of dollars if an unemployment claim is denied. For that reason, employers are often represented by aggressive attorneys. These attorneys are experienced with the North Carolina unemployment laws, and are skilled at overcomplicating issues and confusing claimants. The Appeals Referee, who is also an attorney, may cross-examine you about your case as well. This is where we come in. Attorney Ingalls has successfully represented hundreds of clients during appeals hearings. With Attorney Ingalls on the line and in your corner, you will never be unprepared.

Because the hearing takes place over the phone, we effectively represent clients with North Carolina Unemployment claims all over the country. Attorney Ingalls is also available for in-person hearings throughout North Carolina.

In the event your initial appeal hearing is unsuccessful, Attorney Ingalls has successfully represented claimant appeals all the way to Superior Court.

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