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The value in a good Estate Plan is less about what you get today and more about the headaches you never get tomorrow. We solve problems before they exist. 

Ingalls Law is a unique virtual estate planning firm serving the State of North Carolina. Our firm leverages modern technology to provide our clients with the high level of service they should expect from an attorney, without ever having to leave home. While we utilize technology to provide a full-service experience, from consultation to conclusion, we also offer in-person consultations by appointment.

Our Virtual Strategy Sessions use secure video conferencing portals giving you the ability to privately engage with your attorney on your time, at your place. Clients can send and receive documents, message their attorney, and access their billing information through our secure client portal as well. And, when the time comes to execute your estate plan, the documents will be delivered to you, and your attorney will review your plan with you to ensure precision.

Members of our Estate Maintenance Program receive 1) Annual strategy sessions with me, 2) Annual updates to your entire estate plan (as needed), and 3) Access to a yearly comprehensive financial checkup with a financial advisor, accountant, insurance specialist, and mortgage broker. As an added benefit, clients have 24/7 of access to their entire estate plan via the firm's secure client portal. We know that during a crisis the last thing you need is to waste valuable time searching for a power-of-attorney or will. Having access to your documents on the go enables you to focus on what's important. 

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Every client is unique, and not from a strictly financial perspective. Client’s values and beliefs are every bit as important to their estate planning objectives as their money is. That’s why we don’t market one-size-fits-all plans. There are plenty of places just a few clicks from here that will sell you a plan, and nothing else. Every plan we create is custom-tailored to achieve the goals and objectives of each client. 

The Estate Strategy Session is designed to identify your goals, any potential problems with your current plan, and provide you with solutions specifically tailored to achieve your goals. You can use our online scheduling software to choose a time that works best for you to speak with the attorney. When scheduling an appointment, simply select the best method for the attorney to contact you and we'll do the rest. Should you have any documents you would like the attorney to review prior to the consultation, you will have an opportunity to upload them below.

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Estate Planning

We take the time and financial hardship out of estate planning by offering a completely virtual experience, from consultation to conclusion. You choose a day and time that works best for you we'll provide you with a questionnaire to prepare you for our meeting. Next I contact you either by secure video portal or telephone, you get a comprehensive overview of your options as well as answers to all your questions, then you choose the plan that works best for you. When it’s time to sign the documents we send the completed plan directly to your home or place of business, we review the plan together for accuracy, and then we make notaries and witnesses available at the location of your choosing to execute the will.  Schedule your Estate Strategy Session using the scheduler above or call us at (704) 494-9944.